How to Improve Your Truck GPS Skills

How to Improve Your Truck GPS Skills

How to Improve Your Truck GPS Skills

One of the maximum vital abilities you need for off-road overland adventures is the capacity to navigate in unusual back us of a. Geocaching, often known as a high-tech treasure hunt recreation, is a fun way for every person on your circle of relatives to enhance their navigation capabilities by means of the usage of a GPS and a map. Geocachers hide bins (referred to as caches) of varying sizes and put up the GPS coordinates at the side of a fixed of hints on the geocaching website. The caches generally contain small objects for buying and selling and a logbook for finders to sign as proof in their visit. Finds also are logged at the geocaching website where customers keep their stats.

Now is the right time to practice and enhance your Global Positioning System skills.  Spring hiking and camping and fishing journeys offer first-rate possibilities to get “dialed-in” with your receiver.

These are fundamental navigation equipment: compass, emergency whistle, map, and GPS. Learn the way to use all of them!

GPS will get you lower back to the truck or help you come in your preferred spot.   It also can assist you to recall new favorite spots. Confident use of the receiver comes with exercise and common use.

Here are a few easy guidelines to strive inside the subject.

Use New Batteries

Dump the one’s old AA batteries, put in new ones, and replace them once more in 4 months.  If you leave your GPS on all day within the area assume to trade the batteries nightly.

Satellite Alerts

Verify which you are receiving sufficient satellite alerts.  Check this at the satellite popularity display.  Four satellites are the minimum.

Easy Navigation

Keep your navigation easy.  It’s less complicated to paintings with a handful of waypoints in preference to a list of 300. Delete the antique waypoints, those you will never use again.  Log critical waypoints (e.g., the elk wallow) to your PC or in a notebook.

Give key waypoints names

Enter names like “camp” and “truck.”  It’s simpler and greater significance to locate “truck” within the list of waypoints than is waypoint 542; or was it 245.

Verify Waypoints

Verify all waypoints stored by means of either checking for your map web page or on your waypoint report.

When its time to return to a vacation spot selected “GO TO” or “Find” in your keypad or menu.  Select the waypoint from the list provided.  Press the “Page” button and rotate thru the many presentations to the “Compass” page.  With a “GO TO” decided on, a huge arrow should seem on the face of the compass.  As you move in the direction of your destination the arrow will shift, causing you to regulate your route.  Compliment GPS abilities with an awesome overview of map and compass fundamentals. Learn to lower back up digital A map and compass (and emergency whistle) must move on each time out, regardless if you take along a GPS or now not.

Function fixing with a compass bearing triangulation. In the worst case situation, a damaged GPS turns into a paperweight in your map at the same time as afield.


These are some way s to improve your truck GPS skills. Follow them and make the best use of truck GPS.